The Land of Chocolate

I’m sure you have all heard (and tasted) Hershey’s Chocolate. However, when you visit the Marshall House and take off for your Hershey adventure, make sure you ride the Hershey Trolley. The Hershey Trolley Works is located inside ChocolateWorld. The Trolley leaves just about every hour. You can sign up for a specific time and then explore ChocolateWord till it’s time to go. The Trolley itself is enclosed and air-conditioned. They dress up as historical characters from years ago and tell you the history of Milton Hershey and the town now called The Sweetest Place On Earth. You’ll get a few jokes and you’ll get samples of his candy. The Trolley is about a 45-minute ride around Hershey. You don’t get off the Trolley… you can sit back and enjoy all the sites. The Trolley will even take you past the Hershey Mansion, Founders Hall and his boyhood home. After the Trolley, you can certainly go back on your own and explore many of the sites and attractions you just drove by. Perhaps take the kids to the Hershey Butterfly House? Grab your significant other for an evening cocktail at the Hershey Hotel? The best way to get a feel for “ChocolateTown” is to spend an hour on the Hershey Trolley. No worries after a long day, The Marshall House will have your room ready and the pond frogs will be chirping away!